Basic Process of
Social Marketing Project

Phase One

Communication in the early stage

01. Understand project client’s needs

We may ask our clients: why you want to build a brand-new social media channel or optimize the current ones? what social media goals you want to set for your business? who’re your target audience? do you need advertising? what’s your preferred collaborationmode? Project timeline & duration? Then Geber will customize the quotation and contractfor our clients.



Client could provide us the relevant references during this phase. The referencescould be your brand and competitors’ social channels, your estimated publishing frequency, the on-line or off-line marketing campaign that you want to combine with social media… etc. In this way, we could more e come up with an appropriate project direction.


Project Start

02. Understanding client’s brand and industry

To better let Geber understand client’s brand, define social marketing strategy and content direction, we encourage client to provide the information about brand, industry, product, company culture, competitors’ brands and so on.

03. Social media analysis


We’ll study client’s current social media performance, research competitors’ social
media channels and the social media trends for the industry.


Phase Two


04. Social marketing strategy and content direction

According to the results from Step 2 and 3, Geber will discuss and decide the following items with client: project KPI, social marketing strategy, social key messages, main topics, content direction, tone and manner, advertising strategy and so on.

05. Content creation and schedule

According to the social strategy and content direction, Geber will establish the content schedule fitting client’s marketing campaign and create appropriate copies and materials (including graphic design, video/photo shooting or re-design/-edit client’s current social assets to fit social platform and target audience’s needs.)

Additionally, Geber would like to have a weekly online meeting with client to make sure that we’re on the same page.

06. Social media performance analysis and optimization

.Monthly report, including monthly KPI, analysis of content, materials, advertisement
and target audience, competitor’s social media performance, hot news or trends of
industry etc.

.Annual report, including

1.Current year performance review: annual KPI, strategy analysis and key
findings & to-dos

2.Outlook for the coming year: defining next year’s KPI, providing suggestions for
adjustment of strategy, content direction and materials

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