Market Entry

Geber Brand Consulting is your trusted partner for market entry services. We work with local companies looking to enter Western markets and companies who want to enter the Taiwan or Asian markets. Wherever you are looking to expand your business, an extensive market research is needed to answer important strategic questions such as - product suitability in the market, local consumer behavior and requirements, local market laws & regulations, local business landscape and competitors and the recommended local marketing strategy. In this digital age, some markets require a full digital rollout and we can help research all available digital platforms that fit your business strategy. Through our extensive network of partners across the globe, let us help you find the right channels. 

market entry  | Geber Consulting
Market Entry  | Geber Consulting

We offer Market Entry items such as:

  • Competitor Research
  • Pricing Research 
  • Legal & Regulations Research
  • Market Trends Research 
  • Cultural and behavior research
  • Market landscape statistics research 
  • Sales channel research 

Case Study

airbobo makes innovative backpacks - primarily for children - that protect the spine and improve posture. They use patented air pockets rather than foam and are available in various sizes.

Airbobo turned to Geber Consulting to analyze the potential of the brand to expand into global markets, including the US, Europe, South America and all Asian countries. We delivered an in-depth 200-page report with market trends, local regulations, branding and marketing suggestions and a list of potential local partners in each market.

Case Study Airbobo  | Geber Consulting