Your brand defines you. Branding expresses the values, vision and core competence of your product or company. Whether high-tech, biotech or no tech, a good brand can help you sell more and stand out from the crowd.  In today's competitive global market, brand recognition and loyalty are absolutely necessary in any industry. Here at Geber Brand Consulting, we aim to craft inspiring, modern brands with the help of our international creative team. We focus primarily on new brand creation, rebranding and brand optimization.

Brand Creation

Brand creation requires careful consideration of various aspects that determine the success of your brand. With our extensive experience, Geber Brand Consulting will help you create the perfect vision, voice and visuals, to build a brand that connects with your customers. Our brand creation process is thorough: we listen to your needs, conduct comprehensive research, and build the foundation of a solid brand. From brand analysis, strategy, visuals to internalization, we help bring your new brand to life.

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Brand Optimization

Sometimes all you need is a new influx of creative ideas to help with your brand. Geber Brand Consulting will help you optimize your brand by adding value to existing strategies and fine-tuning marketing campaigns. We have helped companies in various industries by enhancing their brand value, improving their brand visuals, creating additional collateral, or optimizing their brand voice. We also offer long-term consulting services on a retainer basis.


Is your brand in need of a reboot? Rebranding can help you reinvigorate your brand. Perhaps you need to focus on a new target audience, realign towards a new business strategy, adopt new technologies, or increase competitiveness. Geber Brand Consulting will clearly identify pain points of the past, show you a new brand direction, and help you overcome barriers through brand repositioning.

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