Marketing Stragetgy

Geber Brand Consulting offers a wide variety of marketing services, from market research to the execution of offline and online campaign. Whether it’s traditional TV advertising or innovative inbound marketing campaigns on digital platforms, we have got you covered. In markets where we do not have a presence, we work with reliable marketing partners.


Our specialty is the development of well-researched, well-documented marketing strategies, either offline (events, influencers, in-store), on traditional media (TV, radio, print) or online (on any digital platform).


With over 20 years’ experience in the B2B sector, we focus mainly on big corporations in the pharma, banking and industrial sector. We can help you identify targets, find out the kind of message they respond to, and implement your campaign with the help of over 400 partners world-wide.


For multinational companies’ subsidiaries in Taiwan, we offer special implementation consulting, where we take the marketing mandate from your HQ and adapt it to the particular situation in Taiwan.


Localized training to make sure your Taiwanese staff can implement your strategy is also a key part of our offering.


A marketing strategy should always be well grounded in data and real market insights. We have the team, the technology, and the know-how to create an effective strategy with measurable outcomes.