Geber Brand Consulting believes that understanding the problem is half of the solution. Market research is a vital component of our services that not only informs us but also our clients on their brand problems, product problems, market trends, business landscape and other unique insights.  So whether you have a new product to launch, an existing brand to upgrade or a brand that needs to be refreshed, our market research process will help you identify and analyze your problems.

Internal Audit

A thorough assessment of your in-house team to collect information from your brand’s perspective, assess your collaterals, understand your brand status and identify your pain points.

Partner Interviews

By phone or Skype, we can talk to your stakeholders such as partners, investors, distributors and customers to collect their feedback towards your brand, operations and their suggestions from a third party perspective.


Focus Groups

For B2C brands, we can design, host and arrange focus groups to obtain consumer insights towards your industry, product or concept. We can also test products and brands with focus group audiences.

Competitor Research

Through a host of analysis frameworks such as the BCG Matrix, Porter’s Five Forces, SOSTAC model and others; we analyze both local and overseas markets to identify market trends, and you’re positioning in order to find out market gaps and opportunities. 

Social Media Profile

In today’s digital age, some market require a full digital rollout and Geber Brand Consulting can help research all available digital platforms and a viable digital strategy.