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Wistron ITS is a leading provider of professional information services and software outsourcing services in Asia, focusing on technical consulting services, information outsourcing services, business process outsourcing services, and product globalization services. Wistron ITS has rich and diverse technical resources to meet different needs of customers. In the era of information and technology progress, from the fields of finance, telecommunications, medical care, insurance, manufacturing, retail, they require reliable software and systems to drive everything. Therefore,  Wistron  ITS needs to create a professional and reliable corporate image to gain customer trust.


「Corporate Image Film」 

In order to fully demonstrate the brand value, the image film takes "the partner you can trust" as the theme, and conveys that Wistron ITS is working hard in the field of information with unremitting spirit, continuously innovating, meeting the needs of people and all walks of life, striving to become the most reliable partner of customers, leading human beings to create a new future.


The film conveys Wistron ITS's mission of people-oriented and customer-oriented, showing that Wistron ITS has the most professional and diverse talents, understands the various industrial arteries and the needs of customers, and the core competence of information technology. It enables viewers to have a sense of identity and trust in Wistron's commitment of improving human life, making the world more convenient and beautiful, and the goal of becoming the most trusted partner.

Potecto EDM design
Potecto EDM design

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