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Leading global new technology and thermal performance


T-Global focuses on the research and development of all-round thermal solutions, manufacturing and sales of materials, and in line with the concept of agile customer service and flexible production, to meet the various needs of customers for the thermal of electronic products.


The fierce competition in the market and changes in consumer demand have prompted T-Global to transform from a material manufacturer to a full-scale thermal engineering solution provider. T-Global actively develops diversified product lines and services, provides customers with a comprehensive set of consulting solutions and products as a whole, and even extends the service industry to AR, VR, electric self-driving cars, 5G communications and other emerging industries.


【Brand Positioning & Strategy】

Through interviews with employees in Taiwan and Europe offices, external agents and customer's engineers, we find out the thermal market trends and the profile and needs of target customers. Compared with the world's first-tier manufacturers, T-Global's advantages are that it can meet the needs of a small number of samples and the delivery time is short. At the same time, product consultants can give professional thermal engineering suggestions. "Agile" feature, find the best heat dissipation solution for customers. In addition, T-Global Europe Office will be merged by 100% equity of T-Global Taiwan Headquarters in 2019, with the goal of expanding its business to 5G electronic applications and electric vehicle markets. In order to increase customers' trust in T-Global and the impression of global brands, we have developed slogan "More innovation. Less heat." to strengthen the association between T-Global brand and the innovative technology industry.

【Corporate Identity System (CIS)】

In order to integrate the brand identification of T-Global Taiwan Headquarters and the European Office, we combined the graphic LOGO with T-Global's t and g, and the design with arcs in the rigidity shows the characteristics of the technology industry and the smooth and flexible service attitude; The italic design represents the rapid service, without losing the firm's stability, and has the image of thermal circulation and conduction flow; the color is taken from the original two LOGO elements, and the orange to blue represents the thermal cycle image, from high temperature to low temperature , Echoes the concept of T-Global "energy will eventually be recycled". The bright colors bring out a young and innovative personality, which is more in line with the trend of the future smart industry.

【Marketing Strategy】

Developed communication core "Innovative thermal solution to lead the global new technology thermal performance", enabling T-Global to use simpler and direct brand propositions in various channels to deliver benefits and value to potential customers, enhance T-Global brand recognition and strengthen emerging Technology relevance.

【Training & Workshop】

Through interesting and interactive brand internalization training workshops, T-Global emplyees understand the new brand image and goals, and practice grouping how to express the company's advantages in the value that customers care about within 30 seconds, and establish the concept of "brand value". Ensure that future customers have the same brand experience with T-Global.


T-Global implements a single brand identity, strengthens brand recognition and influence in the market, actively participates in national and regional thermal management industry activities and issues, and provides T-Global with rapid and agile services and "innovative thermal solutions" The brand value of the brand is conveyed to the hearts of the target customers, and it has become the brand of heat dissipation materials that leads the global new technology thermal performance.

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