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Creating inspiring and imaginative home living spaces


Founded in 1988, SUH KEN Enterprise is a professional manufacturer of houseware, storage products and office supplies with professional injection technology, and delivers customers with high quality products and professionalism. The enterprise operates through two of their own brands: "DOLEDO" and "MEMYDO". With their excellent design and production capabilities, they have built their brand position as an excellent plastic houseware manufacturer through their high quality, comprehensive product line, quick delivery, customized service, and special orders. However, due to fierce market competition, the fact that MEMYDO products are mainly sold through distributors and traders, and the general lack of brand awareness among end consumers for this type of products, have caused MEMYDO to struggle to promote its brand. At the same time, while the brand focuses on manufacturing technology and quality, they are unable to effectively use consumer language.


The ideal lifestyle that MEMYDO represents is unclear, and we hope to strengthen the brand image and awareness in order to build the relationship between the brand and consumers.


[Brand Positioning and Strategy]

During the interview and brand research process, Geber found that MEMYDO’s product design is lively, youthful, and fulfills important consumer needs. All product development and decision making are centered on "injecting more youthful and creative elements into home life". In order to make this uniqueness visible to the market, Geber and the MEMYDO team decided to make "creating inspiring and imaginative home living spaces" as the brand mission and key message.

[Brand Identity Design]

After the repositioning of the brand and its mission, Geber created a new logo for MEMYDO, conveying a more energetic and imaginative vibe, using the box shape, drawer, and the representative rounded shape as the main elements of the logo, which conveys the brand's message of "creating an inspiring and imaginative home living space".


After the rebranding, MEMYDO revamped its e-commerce stores and social media, leading the brand to establish its reputation and ability to create aesthetic designs within the OEM and ODM markets. In addition, MEMYDO has differentiated its market and customer base from other brands to establish its visibility in the export market.

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