United Orthopedic Corporation

“A Journey through Brand Discovery”

Geber Brand Consulting embarked on a journey of brand discovery with United Orthopedic Corporation. Our goal was to shape their unique brand identity in order to differentiate Taiwan’s leader in orthopedics to compete on the global stage.


United Orthopedic Corporation (UOC), specializes in the manufacturing, design and distribution of orthopedic implants and innovative surgical instruments. Over the last two decades, the company has established a presence in more than 38 countries worldwide. The market for orthopedics, however, is facing stiff competition both by incumbent behemoths and startups. Something needed to change in order to break the deadlock of their stable but stagnant market share and Geber Brand Consulting - Diagnosed, Discovered and Internalized the new UOC brand direction - “Agile Partner”.


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From humble beginnings in 1993, UOC now has 5 branch offices around the world. The biggest challenges UOC faced were an unclear brand positioning in the market, strong competition from abroad as well as low brand awareness in Western markets. All of these cause strong resistance for new customers to switch brands.


With Brand Positioning, Differentiation and Internalization in mind, Geber Brand Consulting set off conducting in-depth research to understand both UOC’s aspirations and their potential customers’ expectations. Our brand strategy assessment focused on the complicated relationship between the brand, doctors, distributors and patients, as well as brand positioning within the orthopedic landscape. We took under consideration the nature of the medical device market, where unlike consumer products, products have a long product life-span, require rigorous testing and must meet the highest of quality standards.


“Understanding the problem is half the solution”


To get to the “Agile Partner” concept, Geber Brand Consulting analyzed market brand personalities, organizational structures, researched customer-oriented requirements relative to each market and conducted interviews with key distributors and doctors all over the world.


This process helped shed light on the current status of the UOC brand and ways in which the brand can and should improve. Our competitor analysis focused on identifying all important elements of the brand and the flexible business model required by their partners. Through vertically integrated manufacturing and the brand belief of satisfying customer needs; Geber Brand Consulting identified that this flexibility or Agility is something that the brand needs to put at the core of their business.


“Showcasing Agility”


To showcase Agility, Geber Brand Consulting set out revamping the company profile visual imagery to be more personal. We redesigned their marketing communication tools for product brochures and surgical protocols to maintain consistency across markets. We developed an internal communication guideline to promote the internalization of the “Agility” concept, then conducted training sessions with the core marketing team on branding, cross-cultural communication and digital marketing which provide UOC the tools and knowledge to take challenges head on.


Throughout the process, Geber Brand Consulting never lost sight of the real market challenges that UOC faces and continuously supports them with the solid experience we have built over the years in the B2B and medical market in particular.


Geber Brand Consulting is confident that with its innovative products and the new direction, United Orthopedic Corporation can rise to the top in the orthopedic market.


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