Brand Creation

Brand creation requires careful consideration of various aspects that determine the success of your brand. With our extensive experience, Geber Brand Consulting will help you create the perfect vision, voice and visuals, to build a brand that connects with your customers. Our brand creation process is thorough: we listen to your needs, conduct comprehensive research, and build the foundation of a solid brand.

01 Brand Analysis

The first step is to have a 360 degree view of your brand. We do this through an internal and external assessment of your team and stakeholders. We analyze the business landscape, look closely at your competitors and potential customers, and even include a full social media profile.

02 Brand Strategy

After identifying the unique sales point and positioning for your brand, we come up with a tailor-made strategy which includes an attractive brand story, brand personality, brand slogan and the future brand development roadmap.


03 Brand Visuals

To showcase the new brand strategy, Geber Brand Consulting will help you design all the necessary visual elements, such as logo, CIS, marcom materials and other collaterals. Because we have our own film production team, we can also create a compelling brand video. Consistent brand visuals accentuate your brand message and bring your new brand to life.

04 Brand Internalization

The successful launch of a new brand starts from within the company. All stakeholders must get behind the core values of the brand to align future marketing operations. Geber Brand Consulting offers brand internalization, brand management and marketing training which will guarantee the successful execution of the brand strategy.