The HR recruitment industry will die by 2020

The human resource industry, like legal and accounting professions, are under threat from sophisticated artificial intelligence

Brands, Fengshui and Fortune Telling

Many owners of B2B industrial companies do not believe in marketing. But a good brand in B2B is even important than in B2C. 

Something Monumental Just Happened in Computing

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Measuring Marketing Made Easy: The Geber Strategy Diamond

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Borders, Barriers, and Biedermeier: Technology Spells End of Globalization

Technological prowess spells the end of globalization as we know it. This is dangerous. 

Are CEOs Missing out on Big Data's Big Picture?

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Brand Identity - Overcoming the Naysayers

You can create a brand from scratch, or make an existing brand more consistent. Surprisingly enough, it is often the second case that is harder.

Influencing The Customer Journey

Understanding your customer's journey is key to increasing conversion

A/B Testing: 3 basic mistakes to avoid

If you get started with A/B testing, please avoid these 3 crucial beginners' mistakes

Machine Learning Becomes Mainstream

The right machine learning strategy can put your business ahead of the competition, reduce your TCO, and give you the edge that your business needs to succeed.