Use content marketing to strengthen your brand from within

Content marketing is not just a way of reaching your customers. It is also a brilliant method of building cohesion and loyalty amongst your staff.

So What is Content Marketing Anyway

Content marketing is perhaps the most misunderstood concept of digital marketing. In reality, it is just common sense.

Here Comes Fake Data! Voice AI will cause a flood of fake data

Voice computing means ample opportunity to manipulate customers with fake data. Brands must watch out.

Are we facing a deluge of VR disorders?

Psychiatrists are warning that a prolonged use of VR will cause irreparable damage and long list of disorders.

SEO vs SMM. Which brings more business?

You can spend your time on SEO, or do more digital marketing. But which really brings better results and higher revenue?

The HR recruitment industry will die by 2020

The human resource industry, like legal and accounting professions, are under threat from sophisticated artificial intelligence

Brands, Fengshui and Fortune Telling

Many owners of B2B industrial companies do not believe in marketing. But a good brand in B2B is even important than in B2C. 

Something Monumental Just Happened in Computing

 Rapid advances will soon double the world's computing power.

Measuring Marketing Made Easy: The Geber Strategy Diamond

You don't need fancy tools to measure digital marketing efficiency.

Borders, Barriers, and Biedermeier: Technology Spells End of Globalization

Technological prowess spells the end of globalization as we know it. This is dangerous.