Using Content Marketing to Build Your Brand Identity

Today, we’re going to discuss three ways you can use content marketing to build your brand identity.

How to become a smarter marketer

Most marketers, even those with academic credentials, are too busy implementing corporate marketing strategies and working with the products they need to sell.

Master the Art and Science of Proving Social ROI

 While attributing revenue and new customers acquired to social are the most direct measures of how much returns your campaigns have delivered, it is not the only way to measure success.

There Is No Such Thing As Going Viral

Social media marketing has a holy grail, and it is called "going viral". Unfortunately, "virality" is largely a myth. Nothing ever really goes “viral” by itself.

Social Media Marketing: 10 Easy Ways to Increase Efficiency

Social media marketing is complex and time-consuming. Here are 10 useful tips to increase your efficiency and do more with less

Predictive Analytics for Marketers: The Basics

Marketers have limited resources; predictive analytics can make their job easier and more profitable.

10 Common Misconceptions About Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing is a must for all industries, but misconceptions still abound. Here are some common myths about inbound marketing which simply aren't true.

If management is the brain, marketing is the ...

What role should marketing play in the organization? Why do different cultures understand marketing so differently?

Employee Advocacy and Digital Marketing

Only companies which fully embrace digital interaction between the various parts of the organization will ultimately excel at digital transformation

AI and the future of marketing

Artificial intelligence will change marketing, but what areas will be impacted first, and how?