Master the Art and Science of Proving Social ROI

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Imagine you’re a marketer evaluating post campaign performance. After painting a rosy picture of your sponsored posts’ stellar click-through and engagement rates, as well as the reach earned from influencers used, your Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) hits back with questions like these:

  • How much sales did we generate from each dollar spent?  
  • How many new customers did we acquire from each influencer?
  • How many people who clicked on our Facebook post, actually completed their purchase?


Sounds familiar?


Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends 2017 reported as many as 61% of advertisers citing measuring ROI for social media as their top concern. Despite the evolution of social media networks and marketing technologies, marketers are still at a loss over measuring the impact of their social activities on the bottom line. Misalignment of metrics, and lack of understanding of social media’s role in the business, are some of the biggest obstacles to this.


With this in mind, we set out to debunk the top 5 myths of proving social ROI, while giving you some tips to better measure your campaign’s success! 


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