Making a Splash - A Guide to Exhibitions



Making a Splash - A Guide to Exhibitions

Making a Splash

Trade Show Planning for Taiwan Companies


CES and all the other big trade shows are coming up! What are some ways to make sure that your company shows its best side, your brand prospers, and you get the partners you need?

Step 1 - The Absolute Necessities

  1. A proper company introduction - You need to have the proper 'deck' to explain to potential partners what you do and why it is important to them, in 30 slides or less.
  2. A sales kit for your front-line staff - Although this may seem old-school there is still a need in many industries to have a sales folder with a brief introduction of your company and your products.
  3. A good 'elevator pitch' and the training to deliver it - Trade show performance is all about finding the right people to talk to and getting your message across in a friendly way, quickly.
  4. A corporate film introduction to your company and product - This can be shown at your booth, on your website or on your iPad.
  5. A memorable and effective trade show booth - It should reflect your brand's CIS (corporate identity system) and show your products in the best possible way.

Step 2 - Optimization

  1. A product launch event - Trade shows are the best opportunities to launch your new products. However, a lot of preparation needs to be done beforehand to 1. Invite key media, 2. Make sure that big potential customers will attend, and 3. Have a well-crafted message that permeates the entire event, leading up to a big 'buy' at the end.
  2. A symposium - Inviting key opinion leaders and industry icons to be on a symposium panel show's that you're a big-time player in your field. The payoffs of showing that your company and your people are experts can be tremendous. This is especially good for B2B companies with a smaller number of big sophisticated customers, such as in the semiconductor industry for example.


Oh, just by chance these are the exact things that we do for our clients. Please give us a call or email if want to make your next trade show a roaring success!  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.