Moving from a 'maker' to a 'solution provider' - Part 1

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As a well-known consultancy focusing on the B2B industry, we get calls every week from Taiwanese companies looking for help dealing with the 'red ocean' of relentless competition. Sometimes they have very specific ideas of how we can help them, perhaps a new CIS to improve their image, a corporate film to communicate their quality, a marketing strategy to get the word out, etc.

However the most interesting cases are where we work with a company to totally revamp their strategy and value proposition and work with them to craft a way forward.


Geber tends to work with a lot of B2B companies. It is what we're interested in and what we're experienced in. Our Managing Director and founder, Richard deVries, worked in B2B chemical sales and marketing in Canada before making Taiwan his home. As such we follow the global B2B strategic trends and can help 'cross pollinate' ideas from different regions and industries to those in Taiwan.


One of the most challenging strategic transformations that we help Taiwanese companies make is going from a relatively straightforward manufacturer, selling products or following OEM directions, to 'solution-providers' that add higher added-value to their customers and hence higher profit margins to boot.


Sounds straightforward right? If you follow the right roadmap it can be. Also, I'm not going to lie to you and say that it is easy. Creating logos, making films, creating marketing plans, those things can be done by your marketing department with an agency such as ours or others. However, to create a real B2B solution brand you'll need to go deeper. You'll need to transform, dare I say improve, the very essence of your company. But it will be totally worth it.


Now is the time to think about making this shift. I know many of you may think it may already be too late, but that is the wrong way to think about it. Yes, the best time to do this may have been five, ten years ago. But the second-best time is today.

With the massive changes and disruptions that have happened in the last couple of years the time is ripe for Taiwan's companies to re-think what they're doing, for whom, and how to go about it.


In our next part in this series I'll look at why you want to be a solution provider.