Machine Learning Becomes Mainstream

The right machine learning strategy can put your business ahead of the competition, reduce your TCO, and give you the edge that your business needs to succeed.

Securing Competitive Advantage with Machine Learning

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How to Start Incorporating Machine Learning in Enterprises

We are experiencing an era of Digital Revolution. Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Big Data Analysis are the reality of today's world.

Why Businesses Should Embrace Machine Learning

If you are still unsure of machine learning and its benefits, consider these scenarios.

The Imminent Fall of the Language Barrier

We all look forward to the day we won't have to learn foreign languages anymore. But that will cause a lot of problems.

Borders, Barriers, and Biedermeier: Technology Spells End of Globalization

Technological prowess spells the end of globalization as we know it. This is dangerous. 

4 Ways How AI Can Augment the Digital Marketer

Customer behavior and experience change over time. Brands need to use these changes to their advantage, using Artificial Intelligence.

The HR recruitment industry will die by 2020

The human resource industry, like legal and accounting professions, are under threat from sophisticated artificial intelligence