Explore the exciting world of XR: Maximize your business potential with META: XR Technologies

Over the last few years, remote working and the increasing use of technology has led to a growing demand for virtual event solutions. The Metaverse, or virtual world, offers companies an exciting and innovative way to bring employees together.

ESG Marketing: Crafting an ESG-Focused Brand Image

Nations worldwide have responded to climate change by announcing emission reduction commitments, and companies kept up with the trend by adapting to ESG principles. Now the key question becomes how to effectively incorporate your ESG content into your brand marketing plan. Below we will share three essential points on efficiently promoting your company’s ESG values and information about sustainability.

Want to increase your branding, marketing and strategy horizons? Listen to these!

Clients often ask us what they should listen to in order to get new ideas for strategy, branding and marketing. Here's a list of podcasts that I've been listening to this past year.

How to become a smarter marketer

Most marketers, even those with academic credentials, are too busy implementing corporate marketing strategies and working with the products they need to sell.

Master the Art and Science of Proving Social ROI

 While attributing revenue and new customers acquired to social are the most direct measures of how much returns your campaigns have delivered, it is not the only way to measure success.

Writing for an International Audience

More and more non-native English speakers do digital marketing in English. Here is how to improve your game.

A/B Testing: 3 basic mistakes to avoid

If you get started with A/B testing, please avoid these 3 crucial beginners' mistakes

Influencing The Customer Journey

Understanding your customer's journey is key to increasing conversion

Measuring Marketing Made Easy: The Geber Strategy Diamond

You don't need fancy tools to measure digital marketing efficiency.

Do QR codes in marketing really work?

Overhyped or underestimated? QR codes are popular in Asia but are often misused.

Why your shopping cart is always empty

Almost all brands insist on their own e-commerce site. Usually, these don't work very well and may not be worth the investment. 

The Intersection of Personal and Corporate Brand

In the digital age, personal brand is slowly becoming more important than corporate brand

A/B Testing. Everyone should do it.

Most digital marketers don't bother with A/B testing, even though it can greatly improve performance and ROI. 

7 crucial things you must do before spending money on digital ads

If you don't do these seven things, you will overspend on digital advertising. Don't waste your money!

Join "Branding Taiwan" today

Each year, Taiwan's government supports the branding efforts of local companies, and we are a part of it. 

Snap Psychology: Here today, gone tomorrow.

Despite its meteoric rise, Snapchat may be only a temporary phenomenon.

Sayonara, suckers! How digital companies are leaving the rest behind

Without digital transformation, your enterprise will be eliminated from the competition. 

SEO vs SMM. Which brings more business?

You can spend your time on SEO, or do more digital marketing. But which really brings better results and higher revenue?

The 7 Deadly Sins of Digital Marketing

There are many mistakes digital marketers can make. Here are the most egregious ones.