ESG Marketing: Crafting an ESG-Focused Brand Image

Nations worldwide have responded to climate change by announcing emission reduction commitments, and companies kept up with the trend by adapting to ESG principles. Now the key question becomes how to effectively incorporate your ESG content into your brand marketing plan. Below we will share three essential points on efficiently promoting your company’s ESG values and information about sustainability.

Market Research Centennial: 5 Tips to Build a Valuable Strategy

Why more companies are embracing market research? How to conduct good market research? This article will provide 5 tips for market research, including industry, competitor, consumer, brand, and social media research.

Your One-Stop Guide! 4 Key-Steps to Successful Brand Management

Strategic brand management is a process that establishes a system that provides added value and achieves long-term competitive advantage for your brand.

Canadian Chamber Small Business Seminar

On September 18th our managing director, Richard, presented at the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Taiwan on the topic of branding and how to get your company and your brand to succeed.

Moving from a 'maker' to a 'solution provider'

 As a well-known consultancy focusing on the B2B industry, we get calls every week from Taiwanese companies looking for help dealing with the 'red ocean' of relentless competition.

How to Create a Signature Brand Story

Stories are a hot topic in marketing because they have been shown to be superior to facts in getting attention, being remembered, changing opinions, stimulating social activity, developing emotion and, curiously, communicating facts.

The War on Brand

How is your company’s marketing budget divided up? In a lot of marketing departments, when it comes to budget, there’s a war being waged between brand marketers and lead generation marketers. And it seems that brand marketers are very much losing that battle. 

More than just visual creativity: the science of brand

When buyers think about making a purchase they usually first think about the brands that sell products or services in that category. For example, Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services would likely come to mind for IT buyers looking to purchase cloud computing services. Knowing about a brand is a massive first step towards buying a brand.

Branding is Overrated! Why not all companies need to be brands

This may sound like blasphemy in an age where every organization, person, and product seems to be chasing after the right branding. If you have ever studied for an EMBA anywhere in the world you will be in agony now. What’s more, you may think this is a weird title for a blog on the website of a branding and marketing expert.

Using Content Marketing to Build Your Brand Identity

Today, we’re going to discuss three ways you can use content marketing to build your brand identity.

Brand Identity - Overcoming the Naysayers

You can create a brand from scratch, or make an existing brand more consistent. Surprisingly enough, it is often the second case that is harder.

Brands, Fengshui and Fortune Telling

Many owners of B2B industrial companies do not believe in marketing. But a good brand in B2B is even important than in B2C. 

Influencing The Customer Journey

Understanding your customer's journey is key to increasing conversion

Meet the head of Geber Brand Consulting

An interview with our founder and CEO, Canadian Richard deVries

6 Strategies from OEM to own-brand

Developing your own brand is every manufacturer's ultimate dream. We present six ways to go about it.  

Why Branding in the Medical Business is So Different

Why is branding in the medical industry such a challenge? Why do many pharma bother not even with proper CIS

Join "Branding Taiwan" today

Each year, Taiwan's government supports the branding efforts of local companies, and we are a part of it. 

How to Conduct an SEO Content Audit

Conducting a content audit for your company is the best way to stay ahead of the content marketing game.

Which ketchup? or: What is a brand in the digital age?

The word "brand" is probably the most misunderstood word ever. Search and you shall find hundreds, often contradictionary