Marketing for Boring Industries



We would all like to work for exciting companies. The latest VR headset, a luxury car, that awesome new food brand. Truth be told, most us work for companies that are neither sexy nor exciting. What do you do with boring industries in the age of digital media, visual platforms, and content marketing? 

Here are eight strategies to deal with boring industries as a marketer


1. Don't focus on your product, but what your clients do with it

We did a big marketing project for one of the most boring industries you can imagine: plastic raw materials. Turns out what Chimei's clients do with the plastic is a lot more interesting than Chimei's original product. So instead of marketing plastic, we focused on the million uses ABS & Co have, from golf balls to kitchenware.


2. FAQ blogging: Answer questions about the product

Many "boring" industries are actually quite exciting once you think about the project in geek terms. Marketers can use images and charts, or even explainer video to share tips and tricks regarding the use of a product.


3. Delve into history

While semiconductor machinery itself may be boring, the development of the semiconductor itself is actually quite fascinating. How the first wafer was grown and what changes the industry has gone through over the years, are actually worthwhile topics for marketers.


4. Imagine unusual, funny uses of your product

Funny content goes viral, and viral posts are good for business. Place your product in the hands of a child to see what they would do with it. For a CNC machine manufacturer, we are currently producing a content strategy focused on weird things to build with a CNC machine vs a 3D printer.


5. Get visual

Microscopes may be boring, but images taken with microscopes can be absolutely fascinating. For a microscope company, we curated the most freakish headshots of tiny of bugs. Instagram is awesome of this kind of marketing. That filtration system for swimming pools is best marketed with images of stunning pools.


6. Create tools

Assessment tools, cost calculators, product selection and comparison tools on your website all add value for your ustomers. Or develop a cool app that allows users to select products, or identify them with the camera. Lot of pharmaceutical companies who face legal restrictions in marketing have embraced this strategy.


7. Have an opinion

Every industry faces issues, whether it is investment rules in China, lack of groundwater, pollution, or disruption through future technology. Taking a stand and envisaging the future of an industry are hot topics for marketers that create engagement and drive growth.


8. Embrace Video

A lot of things you tend to say in text form can be said much better with video. In the age of smartphones and squared Facebook video, it doesn't cost a lot to create engaging video content. Time-lapse videos of industrial processes are cool to watch. Or interview your existing customers. Spec sheets are out, animated explainer videos are in.

The key to digital marketing for boring industries is to never think of your industry as boring in the first place. A broader and more courageous approach to ideation may serve you well and set you apart from the competition.

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