Geber x MOJO|Join Forces to Develop AI-driven Marketing and Lead Generation

Nowadays, Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning technologies and applications are growing rapidly in the global economy; however, the digital marketing and brand strategy community has not been active in adapting and developing these advanced technologies.

How to become a smarter marketer

Most marketers, even those with academic credentials, are too busy implementing corporate marketing strategies and working with the products they need to sell.

Something Monumental Just Happened in Computing

 Rapid advances will soon double the world's computing power.

Here Comes Fake Data! Voice AI will cause a flood of fake data

Voice computing means ample opportunity to manipulate customers with fake data. Brands must watch out.

AI - The present in the making

Artificial Intelligence is not a concept of the future. It is already shaping the present. 

Opportunities created by AI outweigh imminent threats

Artificial intelligence will have a disproportionate impact on customer experience. What brands need to understand...

How to Create an Intelligent Company

There needs to be an increased focus and knowledge on the analytics strength and new tooling of the average modern company.

Borders, Barriers, and Biedermeier: Technology Spells End of Globalization

Technological prowess spells the end of globalization as we know it. This is dangerous. 

4 Ways How AI Can Augment the Digital Marketer

Customer behavior and experience change over time. Brands need to use these changes to their advantage, using Artificial Intelligence.