Explore the exciting world of XR: Maximize your business potential with META: XR Technologies

Over the last few years, remote working and the increasing use of technology has led to a growing demand for virtual event solutions. The Metaverse, or virtual world, offers companies an exciting and innovative way to bring employees together.

ESG Marketing: Crafting an ESG-Focused Brand Image

Nations worldwide have responded to climate change by announcing emission reduction commitments, and companies kept up with the trend by adapting to ESG principles. Now the key question becomes how to effectively incorporate your ESG content into your brand marketing plan. Below we will share three essential points on efficiently promoting your company’s ESG values and information about sustainability.

Market Research Centennial: 5 Tips to Build a Valuable Strategy

Why more companies are embracing market research? How to conduct good market research? This article will provide 5 tips for market research, including industry, competitor, consumer, brand, and social media research.

B2B Marketing - All You Should Know: From Basics to Beyond

Unlike the marketing we normally see, for B2B Marketing, the messages, receivers, strategies, targets are all different. Having the right concept and understanding how to utilize it is essential to B2B businesses nowadays.

Geber x MOJO|Join Forces to Develop AI-driven Marketing and Lead Generation

Nowadays, Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning technologies and applications are growing rapidly in the global economy; however, the digital marketing and brand strategy community has not been active in adapting and developing these advanced technologies.

Your One-Stop Guide! 4 Key-Steps to Successful Brand Management

Strategic brand management is a process that establishes a system that provides added value and achieves long-term competitive advantage for your brand.

Canadian Chamber Small Business Seminar

On September 18th our managing director, Richard, presented at the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Taiwan on the topic of branding and how to get your company and your brand to succeed.

Is your catalog your best salesperson?

Do you work at a Taiwanese B2B company? If so, which department holds the most sway in your organization? Probably most of you were saying 'Sales'. Although this is often the case in B2B companies globally it has been my experience that it is even more so for Taiwanese ones.

Amazon Requires Brands to change packaging

If you’ve ever ordered something from Amazon you’ve probably encountered what I call the Russian Doll trick...

Moving from a 'maker' to a 'solution provider'

 As a well-known consultancy focusing on the B2B industry, we get calls every week from Taiwanese companies looking for help dealing with the 'red ocean' of relentless competition.